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EugeneKha – River Songs (Remastered 2013)

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Artist: EugeneKha
Album: River Songs (Echoes Sounds Edit. 2013)
Label: Echoes Sounds | 2013
Style: Instrumental, New Age, Modern Classical, Ethnic, Ambient
Time / Format: 79:11 || FLAC, MP3 (320 kbps)

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This remastered reprinting of an album ‘River Songs’ which was published for the first time in 2009 on ‘Clinical Archives’ netlabel. Reprinting is published in the new edition: in the track list two tracks are replaced, two bonus tracks are added.
‘River Songs’ is an album in which I tried to connect some musical elements: ambient, modern classical, Ethnic and Instrumental. Everything together forms uniform, conceptual work about the great Russian Volga River. This album isn’t typical for my today’s creativity. ‘River Songs’ is a synthesis of many live tools and a big collection of samples (including, samples from Magix company library).


1. Intro (1:37)
2. The River Song (6:40)
3. The Volga Bulgarians (4:03)
4. Interlude # 1 (1:15)
5. Coast Hope (6:07)
6. Rainsong (2:58)
7. Volga (6:24)
8. Interlude # 2 (2:31)
9. Dark Wave (5:05)
10. After A Rain (2:54)
11. Interlude # 3 (1:00)
12. Slippery Coast (3:18)
13. Mirror (5:20)
14. Last Mooring (3:37)
15. Balloon (4:48)
16. Volga Tribal (2:06)
17. Final Passage (3:54)
18. [bonus track] I Belong To You (Instrumental Vers.) (5:46)
19. [bonus track] Earth Psalm (Demo) (9:48)

Telegraphy – Grey Matter

Friday, November 1st, 2013


album: “Grey Matter”
artist: Telegraphy
format: 5xfile MP3
genera: dub, avant garde, space dub

More Information

track listing:
01: Grey Matter Does Matter…………..5:30 min
02: Grey Loops………………………8:27 min
03: Grey Beings……………………..7:19 min
04: Unrepeatable Events ……………..6:52 min
05: Noctilucent Thoughts……………..7:22 min

The mysterious nature of some matter has captivated inquiring minds as long as there has been instruments of micro foresight. Elusive substances make their appearance only to offer conjecture on a theological context, where by attuned idealist can perhaps make a assumption that they exist at all.

Characterized has being here nor there, the escape artist of the material world evades understanding and discovery. Iono-15 “Grey Matter” by Telegraphy, though mysterious, it can not be understood in the traditional sense. Serving as a barrier of acoustic knowledge, sounds are ether here nor there and at the same instance there nor here.

Rhythmic guesses of deeply fluctuating vibes coming and going is a scientific hypothesis of how Telegraphy’s “Grey Matter” materializes in this reality.

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