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an enclosed envelope by anunusualleopard [EP]

Friday, February 28th, 2014

an enclosed envelope! Music by anunusualleopard

.:: an enclosed envelope ::.

All of the material on the “an enclosed envelope” 7 track release were produced as a result of group improvisations. There were no pre-rehearsals whatsoever. Anunusualleopard is a 2 piece band consisting of dmcq on No Input mixing-desk modulations accompanied by Qubenzis’ (aka QPA) synthesizer tweaks, beats and sound effects. Enjoy this fresh release to it’s fullest or at least don’t deprive yourself from listening to the sample tracks (an amazing sonic experience). The “no input” mixing desk concept was first seriously explored by electronic music pioneers in Japan like Toshimaru Nakamura, who, among others, inspired dmcq to further develop his unique sounds.


Track List
- – - – - – - – -
1. 02:16 – a note to the deep
2. 02:23 – who knows
3. 03:14 – I know nothing
4. 05:53 – high planes hunger
5. 03:23 – staring from the bridge
6. 04:21 – oh yeah, time to awake
7. 17:25 – an enclosed envelope


synths and programming: qubenzis
no input mix desk: dmcq


Buy / Listen
Downloads and sample audio
Qubenzis Download Store (MP3, FLAC, CD)
Bandcamp (MP3, FLAC, AAC etc.)


Album Data
Name: an enclosed envelope
Band: anunusualleopard
Style: Ambient, Experimental, Soundscapes, Fusion
Length: 38:55 min
Tracks: 7
Label: Qubetech Net / Independent
File type: MP3 320kbps / FLAC – 1.44Khz / 16Bit
Copyright:(c) 2013 All Right Reserved
Recorded: in Alozaina, malaga, Spain
Released: 29 July 2013

[LBN023] Nick Rivera – “Zamalek”

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Nick Rivera - Zamalek

Artist: Nick Rivera
La bèl
December 05, 2013
acoustic, rock, folk
Creative Commons License: Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works

Zamalek is an island in Cairo in the middle of the Nile. But also a neighbourhood, something in between. This album is about the sky you can’t see from this island and the things that swim in it. Zamalek is a warm cuddle from your trusted friend, a fist in the nape from your best enemy.

Listen and Download (free) on La bèl.

Limited edition CD: Nick Rivera official site.

[SR033] Off Land – Overtide Recon

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Off Land

Stasis Recordings
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Chillhouse

Stream & Purchase

Overtide Recon concludes a sonic story arc beginning back with “Eventide Passage” released on Enpeg Digital and carrying over to the mini-album “Overlook” released last year. Tracks from both projects were put in the hands of a select group of talented artists to rework in their own unique ways for this compilation

01 Intersection (Segue remix)
02 Thickly Settled (Ohrwert alter)
03 Turns (Sanderson Dear version)
04 Road Closed (recon)
05 View Point (Counterspark remix)
06 Thickly Settled (Adriano Mirabile’s computadores remix)
07 State Line (indospheric transform by Indo)
08 Road Closed (Ross Baker remix)
09 Thickly Settled (All Along The Pavement ) (Minimal States remix)

Winners Announced: Da Fresh & Maverickz ‘Down’ Remix Competition

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Big announce today!

We don’t have one winner, we don’t have two, we don’t have three, we don’t have four….we have five winners!

Natura Viva’s crew, are enthusiastic about the good result of the remix competition we launched for the track DOWN by Da Fresh & Maverickz.

Are you ready for the 5 names? Here they are!

Ok, he has the same name of Marty McFly’s best friend, but he is one of Miami club scene rising stars : n.1 is Doc Brown, he wins the SoundCloud Pro Unlimited Account!


From Ukraine, here is Ataman, a yearly SoundCloud Pro Account goes to him!


3rd place for Hot TuneiK, another yearly SoundCloud Pro Account it’s here!


And going on, the fourth yearly SoundCloud Pro Account goes to Italian project Rain Or Shine!


From Montenegro, fifth place and the last yearly SoundCloud Pro Account for the Armed Guy!



Congrats for your winning, thank you for your time and looking forward to getting your e-mails in. Have no worries, as all personal data will be handled confidentially. Please send an email with your artist name in the subject line, plus your SoundCloud account link with it to

Great work, guys!


Da Fresh & Maverickz, Natura Viva and Sergio Marini for the FOEM crew.


This contest is supported by :


[FNet055] My Own Cubic Stone – A New Cycle

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

[FNet055] My Own Cubic Stone – A New Cycle
All tracks written and produced by Marc Garin 2013.

Released: 22nd Dec 2013 By My Own Cubic Stone
License: by-nc 3.0
Tags: electronic downtempo experimental

Release page
Archive page

[YARN004] Turning Torso – Jacaranda

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

YARN004 Cover Artwork

Shortly after its first birthday, Yarn Audio reports back sonorously with laid-back Leftfield. Turning Torso’s single bewitches with its warm, reverberant instrumentals and hypnotizing Downtempo-beats. The Mexican producer uses processed guitar, electronics and field-recordings to create his unique blend of hazy Bass Music. After three EPs with mostly Trap- and Juke-influenced tunes Yarn Audio is opening up with its fourth release, following its mission of bringing forward thinking electronic music from the whole modern Bass Music spectrum. Be it from the darkest experimental corners or sparkling nightclubs’ breaking new ground. Watch out for Yarn’s first remix EP and banging ASA 808 stuff getting released soon…

Artist: Turning Torso
Title: Jacaranda
Label: Yarn Audio
Cat#: YARN004
Country: Germany
Style: Experimental


Cover artwork by Tim Pulver

[brhnet29] Ivan Black – Light and Dark

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Ivan Black - Light and Dark

A series of experimental works, Drift, Drone and Sound Sculptures. They were designed with the idea of allowing yourself to be fully immersed in sound and feeling the music take you somewhere.

Available on 320kbps mp3

Listen and Download

Breathe Compilations, Mexico. 2014.

[pyr103] bristophe – die ersten zwei kirchen

Monday, February 24th, 2014

bristophe is an improvising duo that consists of brice catherin (from france, based in geneva) and christophe schweizer (from switzerland, based in germany). between them they play instruments like: cello, trombone, a bit of electronics, tuba, a touch of clarinet, plus e.g. recorder and other flutes, double bass, alpine horn, voice, bird calls, a few toys, etc. occasionally the two meet in one place, and that’s when sound happens.

their second album for pyr, die ersten zwei kirchen, is another two disc set – this time documenting two sessions of improvisations that took place in two different churches in germany and switzerland. to explore these spaces, the duo used: strings, brass, church organ, piano, harpsichord, clavichord, and the alphorn as well as their voices, electronics, birdcalls, and little instruments. as always, listen carefully.

download here

[pyr102] jim lace / alex nova – twists

Monday, February 24th, 2014

jim lace and alex nova used to be in onyx system. but then onyx system stopped. so they used an electric guitar, a roland rs-09, an arturia minibrute, a korg wavedrum, a vocoder, a nord lead, an alesis sr-16, and hooves to make a few more songs under their own names.

prog sense. paranormal science fiction vein. story telling. lovely creature afraid to die. stargate. a lover in her hair. afterlife. a man, a broom, the devils. the sound is: late night roxy sleaze, satellite machine cuisine robot synth croon and traces of meditative frippinalia.

download here

Rich Sudney – Ionosonde

Monday, February 24th, 2014


Dark Detroit pop (Det-Pop) is the only way to describe this eleven track album from Detroit sound artist Rich Sudney. Better known on the internet as Telegraphy, this freshman debut album is a juxtaposition of his free releases on the web.

Dark distant sound scaped rhythms that echo’s classic Detroit techno is molded in form with ambient vibes that will leave you awe stricken laying on the cold dark dance floor. But it isn’t all seriousness with Rich Sudney as he illuminates the darkness with dashes of comedic audio theater in-between melodies laden with watered down sonic vocals.

“Ionosonde” is a game changing album in a sound environment where the hum-drum predictable beats and sounds are broken into a new direction down Detroit’s “Electric Avenue” side streets. Pop just got darker and more delightful as Det-Pop makes it’s way out of the underground.
released 17 February 2014
All tracks were written and produced by: Rich Sudney 2014
Record at Ionosonde Recordings studio Detroit, MI U.S.A.

Ionosonde Recordings

release page

Ionosonde Blog Page

Ionosonde by Rich Sudney