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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

AR003 – MAZEL SOURCE – “Baysak Street EP”


Mazel Source shows his true self in this deeply personal EP.  A newcomer determined to define his own unique sound, Mazel infuses his work with constantly evolving textures and percussive evolutions punctuated with dynamic synths stabs.  This EP is guaranteed to keep you on your toes, on the dancefloor or at home. 

  1. Baysak Street
The title track is a moody journey showing depth that belies the freshness of its producer to the scene.  The attention to detail as the story in the track unfolds is undeniable.

2. The Unknown
 This minimal adventure features hypnotic percussion arrangements, slow sweeping synths and sublime string arrangements that combine to form a warm, emotional piece where every sound has room to breath.
3. Under the Sphinx
Minimal drums, deep sub bass and powerful synth stabs, steeped in watery delays and lush reverb.  A dancefloor monster.
Mazel Source’s Baysak Street EP is out soon on Beatport availble on digital download only.

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