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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

[Circle 038_6] SLOK – Feel Alive feat. MY FAVORITE ROBOT (Inc. Subb-An, Lopazz Remixes) – Circle Music

SLOK - Feel Alive feat. MY FAVORITE ROBOT (Inc. Subb-An, Lopazz Remixes) - Circle Music
















01) Feel Alive (Slok’s Original Vocal Mix)
02) Feel Alive (Subb-An Remix)
03) Feel Alive (Lopazz&CasioCasino Remix)
04) Feel Alive (Slok’s DUB Mix – Digital Bonus)

LABEL INFO: Circle Music


Italian DJ and producer Slok is no stranger to Circle Music. In 2010 he released his great album “Rain” on Circle Music after the previous released releases “Funky Finger” and “Freak” in 2009. In 2011 he followed up a release on Circle Music, “Rocco’s Hard Scene” incl. a stunning remix by Hermanez ,followed. For his first single in 2012 Slok, he invited brothers in crime „My Favourite Robot“ aka Voytek Korab, James Teej and Jared Simms from Canada to sing the vocals. Lately these three guys had a release on Life And Death and were remixed by Art Department. On Top of this nice package we have Subb-An who had a few releases on Damian Lazaru’s Crosstown Rebels or Culprit with several hits and finally label mate Lopazz from Berlins Get Physical together with his film producer CasioCasino.

A - Slok feat. My Favourite Robot „Feel Alive“ (Slok’s Original Vocal Mix):
The original version of „Feel Alive“ convinces with really clear and crispy beats right from the beginning and it seems only logical that Electronic Petz label owner Slok continues with 90′s house quoting elements like warm organ chords and an oldschool styled bassline and melody. The sleepy Vocals are a really nice contrast to the electronic colours of the arrangement. This one is deep, sexy and progessive.

B 1 – Slok feat. My Favourite Robot „Feel Alive“ (Subb-an Remix):
British DJ and producer Sub-Ann takes the original and brings it more to the underground. A very progressive bassline, disturbing synthesizers and and pretty playful melodic parts and sequences makes this remix very tight and diversivied.

B 2 – Slok feat. My Favourite Robot „Feel Alive“ (LOPAZZ & CasioCasino Remix)
Really close to the atmosphere the original spreads Lopazz & CasioCasino start their remix. Vocals and Chords are nearly the same but then a little acid line comes around and Lopazz & CasioCasino show pleasure at playing with the highs. Later on a dark and heavy bassline as well as big room synthesizer sounds are making this really versatile.

Digital Bonus:
For all the lover’s who like having a dub version, here you have it, as a Digital Bonus Track!


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