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FOEM Blog Sunday, 21 October, 2018

[DIMBILP001] M.Rahn – Regenesis // Album Release

Frankfurt born Matthias Rahn early takes contact to electronic
music influenced by Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwark, Skinny Puppy and Front242 learning about song structures and arrangements with the decission to produce his own music. He started with his first releases on Konvex-Konkav in the year 2000 followed up by Tracks on Trapez and Night Drive Music evolving more and more into his unique style of dub-techno and house. His latest Album release “The Final Chapter” came up in 2010 on Neuroton with the aim to close up his musical career. After some long discussion he decided to come back with the “Morgennebel EP” on DimbiDeep
Music, and we are very happy about having him again on Regensis.

Regenesis” is M.Rahns regularly 5th Album, or better say Longplayer, and a really special one. This Album contains 2 remastered releases, 3 Tracks of the “Retrogram EP” , the complete “Stryx Sessions” and 3 completely new designed
Tracks. All sounding great deep and sometimes dark, based on detroit elements and enlarged chordpads. The Stryx tracks are generally the most dubful tracks in here, perfectly placed for the peaktime afterhours. Surrounded by “Retrogram” a great dark looped oldschool-track combined with state of the art techno sounds. Tracks like “Gira” or “Changes” instead moving around into that dubtronica style with decent kickdrums and gloomy atmospheres, made for that special kinds of hypnotic moments. In the end a perfect variation of high class electronic sounds for all dub tech lovers.





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