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FOEM Blog Sunday, 21 October, 2018

d’incise – Rivages sur l’antipode (12” LP)

d'incise - Rivages sur l'antipode (12'' LP)

LP @ 33 RPM [ 35:50 min]
2010 ini.itu #1001
250 copies, hand numbered

Composed on a special request from ini.itu, “Rivages sur l’antipode” (“shores on the opposite side of the earth”) is his first vinyl LP and is based on similar archival material as the one used by Francisco López in his stunning “untitled #228”. Nonetheless, d’incise has achieved radically different results, combining digitally-processed textures, microsamples and humming harmonics rippling out over broken rhythms. He has collaged the least obvious bits of gamelan, many grainy soundbytes from Jakarta, Makassar, Bandung and Yogjakarta into a kaleidoscopic reinterpretation of these shattered fragments. Sudden transitions, alinear progressions and melancholic, sprawling, autumnal atmospheres reveal a very personal soundworld.

This LP could evoke Kim Hiorthoy on sedatives under moist tropics, or an alter-ego of Burial in a futuristic decaying Jakarta won back by the jungle, with hints of digital crispiness from Kid606 période Mille Plateaux; a touch of the microsampling of Akufen, all of this marinated into the experiments in folk deterritorialisation made by some Ritornell artists such as Random_Inc / Sebastian Meissner.

Icing on the cake, this LP was mastered by James Plotkin in Philadelphia.

Track listing :

A1 cérémonie des voûtes (04:32)
A2 feuilleter les sphères (04:13)
A3 entre ciment et terre (04:01)
A4 l’antépénultième déluge (04:43)

B1 plages vergognes sans brise (04:31)
B2 les barrières troubles (04:55)
B3 humidité (04:37)
B4 se déplacer entre les adverbes (04:18)

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