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FOEM Blog Sunday, 21 October, 2018

[DREX005] M.Springer – Perfect Human World

M.Springer - Perfect Human World

Perfect Human World is the new release of the Munich based producer Matthias Springer on Diametral Express, moves into deep electronic realms as expected. Its hard to say if its deep house, tech house or dub techno, probably it tops everything of it somehow, but it’s nothing new that assigning Matthias’ music to an explicit genre would seem very catchy.

A total of 4 tracks this release includes and three of them will appear as vinyl on Diametral Limited too. The headliner “Perfect Human World” comes around with an unusual combination of deep muted chords, a catchy loop melo and some good old 303-Acid sounds which are so comfortable, related to a “Turkish Bazar”. All of this contributes together with that distinctive vocal to a really unique flavor. “Cobalt 808″, suggests, as the name unfolds, the entire and typical 808 spectrum combined with an amount of glassy synths, a lot of reverb and delay, a few discreet filter elements and a powerful, yet gently moving bassline. In short, probably the Dancefloor candidate of this EP. With “Chill Plane” Matthias Springer shows again his affinity to epic soundscapes and absolutely smooth and stress-free music. Neat Beats, a wave sounding bass, tiny piano gimmicks in different variations, subtile percussions, and that nonextisting of abrupt breaks or unexpected turns in this track invites the listener to a vast and dreamy trip on the chillplane. “Magnetic Flux”, which will be digital only, rounds off the release, and here again some epic and yet very abstract soundstructures are really present, but the listener will get out of this track completely unstressed too.

With this EP Mattthias Springer shows where Diametral Express shall take part in music, reflecting on his personal philosophy of the “easy listening techno”. The perfect sound for a perfect afterhour!

Label: Diametral Express
Cat: DREX005
RLS: 19th Feb 2011

Buy Digital @ ZERO” & BEATPORT
Buy Vinyl @ DECKS.DE

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