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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

[DRLTD001/DR002] MFS – Devils Chair

MFS - Devils Chair

Diametral Labelhead Matthias Springer aka „MFS“ gives his Debut on the own imprint including the first physical extraction on „Diametral Limited“. „Devils Chair” is a really dark techno monster claiming every part of your body. Gloomy and strange apocalyptical soundscapes carried by an enormous wet kickbass and distorted reverbs forcing an endless psycho tone directly into your brain.

No matter what could match better into this than a remix by the “Stigmata” project of André Walter and Chris Hope. They are really well known for there abstruse and cryptic sounds forming an invasive and merciless interpretation of the original by setting distorted voices, analog screams, dry cutting kickdrums and overturning basslines into one terrifying track.

The trilogy continues with the Munich based newcomers “Bitterstrom”, more minimal, but for sure really aggressive with dry kicks and evolving percussive elements moving directly through your synapses without getting stopped, this track is a challenge for your ears and a gift for lovers of the good old thrilling looped techno sounds.

Last but not least comes the digital bonus „Baphomet“, an oldschool tech-dub-acid track moving forward for about 12 minutes generating en enormous tension on the listener, without making any compromises.

Cat: DRLTD001 (Vinyl) / DR002 (digital)
Artist: MFS
Release: Devils Chair
Remix: Stigmata / Bitterstrom
Distribution: DigDis / I Play Vinyl

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