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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

Eike Voigt – Anime EP

? Futurist Minimal textures built over stomped Techno beats mad infected on twisted bass-lines aimed straight for cutting-edge dj sets!

Having a battalion nearly 10,000 fans, the Australian established dj and producer Eike Voigt is known by his prolific sound, kind of authentic and supernatural taking it to the top of the iceberg as one of the privileged names by world top Djs including the selected list of Richie Hawtin on his ENTER nights in Ibiza.

Organic and minimalist, Eike Voigt adds key points to a promising career within the conceptual and modern electronic music arena, driving from minimal textures on sophisticated tech beats built over solid bass-lines, proving Eike Voigt himself as one of tomorrows best talents to watch!
His brand new gemstone is a clear diamond about Eike Voigt’ style featuring two outstanding pearls of minimal beats blended over suggestive bass-lines as Anime EP.

On the A side Eike Voigt brings such an overwhelming and futurist tool as ‘Popper’ as is, produced by subtle minimal beats infected with mad bass-lines and ethereal voice to warm up cutting-edge Dj sets in modern rooms.

The flip side reveals a dynamic minimal deep-techy house rhythm surrounded by evocative bass-lines as ‘Anime’ as is adding with enough creativity stabs and keys to blow up the mind on the fly. Here Eike Voigt himself shows his studio skills as a contemporary producer within the finest electronic music industry, superb suitable for classy dj sets as well as dynamic and futurist ones as a shoot away.

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