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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

good morning, evening by anunusualleopard

an enclosed envelope! Music by anunusualleopard

good morning, evening

by anunusualleopard

Soundscapes to inspire the internal film projector inside the mind, activating the screen within. Experimental, electronic, downbeat, Twilight ambiance. All of the material in this 9 track release was produced as a result of group improvisations. There were no pre-rehearsals.

Anunusualleopard is a duo including dmcq on No Input Mixing-desk modulations accompanied by Qubenzis’ synthesizer tweaks, beats and sound effects.


Synths and programming .. qubenzis
No input mix desk … dmcq

Track List

1. 05:26 man dog
2. 02:52 short notice
3. 14:28 jeepster dolly
4. 05:07 talking step
5. 05:49 good morning, evening
6. 04:17 bucket load
7. 03:55 mezzi
8. 02:34 your mind. controlled
9. 07:19  empty zoo

Downloads & Sample audio

Qubenzis Download Store MP3, FLAC (CD)


Album Data

Name: good morning evening
Band: anunusualleopard
No Input Mix Desk: dmcq
Synths & Programming: Qubenzis
Length: 54:17 min
Tracks: 9
Label: Qubetech Net / Independent
File type: MP3 320kbps / FLAC – 1.44Khz / 16Bit
Copyright:(c) 2013 All Right Reserved
Released: 20 October 2013
Recorded in: Alozaina, Malaga

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