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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

OUT NOW! Contact 2XCD mixed by Gare Mat K & Alex Young


Digital Download Available Now!

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Cat: Masterpiece Series
Ref: PGZCD04
Artist: Various
Title: CONTACT traumfahrt compiled and mixed by Gare Mat K & Alex Young
Label: Progrezo Records Ltda
Genre: Minimal/Techno/Progressive
Digital Download exclusive on Beatport!

We are pleased to present the first DUO compilation CD mix entitles ‘Contact traumfahrt’, born in Colombia as result of more than 20 years of solid work coming from ones of best DJ/Producers and rising stars Gare Mat K (2nd Best DJ by Thirst Heineken Music) & Alex Young (Best Minimal Artist of the Year in the Beatport awards 2009), who are impressing the electronic scene world over by their unique music style, and recognized productions which are in the top of sales on Minimal and Techno, doing the rounds by the big Dj’s like the ones of Sasha, Timo Maas, Richie Hawtin, Pete Tong, James Zabiella, Tom Pooks, Fedde Le Grand, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and Mastiksoul among others.

Most of the tracks on the compilation have been highly edited/remixed, looking to show up more than just a traditional track to track DJ mix.

‘Contact traumfahrt’ includes tracks from partner-labels such as BPitch Control, Fullscale Music, Radio With Pictures, Out Side The Box Music, Nosi Music, Vise Versa Music, Inkfish and Carica Deep; as well as latest and exclusive productions from renowned producers like the ones of Telefon Tel Aviv, Gaiser, Anthony Pappa, Chris Cargo, Tom Pooks, Darin Epsilon, Fjor, Bs As Deep, and Grunjah among others.

The CD single entitle ‘Contact’, written and produced by rising talent coming from E.E.U.U. ‘Schubert’, reaches #6 position in the top10 of Minimal sales by 2 weeks; track included in the EP which takes the album’s name, reaching #12 position in the techno top with another original entitle ‘7 Miles’.

Other important compilation track is ‘Who’s Gonna Drive’, written & produced by Gare Mat K with a remix collaboration from Alex Young, released in a special package of remixes which include mixes from Alex Dolby, Schubert, Claudio Climaco, AM-Concept, Eric Yedim, Pedro Campos, Gare Mat K & The Bulb Speakers.

“Deep, subtle, mental, techy, melancholic, Dark. Cosmopolitan capitol city, rush, highways, clubs, restaurants. Rain, sun, open skies, high clouds. Street dancers, fast minds, green lights, clowns, skaters. Cat faces, dog attitudes, finest smiles… No more than feelings and experiences, no sponsorship banners, no sky flyers, painted walls.”

Both artists Gare Mat K and Alex Young are ace Dj’s and Producers. Gare’s ‘Comunicacion’ 2XCD mix reaches # 2 popularity in America, and Alex was ranked # 1 as the best Minimal artist of the year “These two CDs are a snapshot of what’s setting our pulses racing at the moment; a selected stuff from lovely labels and tracks as the ones of BPitch Control and Gaiser’s remix of “Worst Think In The World” Telefon Tel Aviv, Radio With Music and Chris Cargo’s “TImeshifter” intro, Full Scale Music and Frank Bojert’s Original and Kevin Over “Zerra” mixes, Progrezo Records and Alex Young’s Techdriver mix of “Who’s Gonna Drive” Gare Mat K feat dTolio, Inkfish recordings and Darin Epsilon’s Mimoori “Kwaidan”, Nosi Music and Mickey Franco’s “Botoneta”, Anatolian Beats and Tom Pook’s “Huge”, Dial Tone and Sergio Sorrentino’s mix of Nasty Boy “Trash & Easy”, Vise Versa and Grunjah’s “Plus”, Kraft Music and Reix’s “Flesh”, Carica Deep with StereoK’s feat Royal Sapien “Digital Kills The Vinyl Star” and exceptional Bs As deep remix of Anthony’s Pappa “Outback” track, blurring of the boundaries from between minimal, new techno, tech house and next level bleep-driven rave,” says Gare and Alex.

Their mix is a special music set, that show out years of constant work and evolution into different atmospheres and tendencies, inside of electronic music and arts. It’s not about minimal, it’s not about techno, it’s not about progressive or melodic stuff’s, it’s not about house……it’s not about chunky words, it’s about people, it’s about heart, it’s about spirit…..It’s all about their lives, it is just music.

“Life are years of mental photo shoots.” Gare & Alex

CD 1 mixed by Gare Mat K

01. Chris Cargo – Timeshifter (intro mix) [Radio With Pictures]
02. Nasty Boy – Trash & Easy (Sergio Sorrentin Silky House mix) [Dialtone Records]
03. Schubert – Contact (Original mix) [Progrezo Records]
04. Burak Yeter – Magic Logic (Eric Yedimremix) Gare Mat K edit [Anatolian Beats]
05. Eric Yedim – Medellin (Jose M. Attary Remix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
06. Nick Olivetti – Logic (Original mix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
07. Nick Olivetti – Mito (Original mix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
08. Frank Bojert – Zerra (Original mix) Gare Mat K edit [Fullscale Music]
09. Eric Yedim – Bogota (Alex Costa remix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
10. Gare Mat K feat dTolio – Whos Gonna Drive (Alex Young’s The Techdriver mix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
11. Resonate & PHM – Deep Whisper (Oriignal mix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
12. Fobee – Myth (Ariel Curtis remix) Gare Mat K edit [Vise Versa Music]
13. Ariel Curtis – Lolita (Alex Mos remix) Gare Mat K edit [Bit Records]
14. Darin Epsilon pres. Mimoori – Kwaidan (Dub mix) [Inkfish Recordings]
15. Lesvicon Soul – Love Voodoo (Andrez Remix) Gare Mat K edit [Bit Records]
16. Schubert – 7 Miles (Phunk Investigation remix) [Progrezo Records]
17. Mickey Franco – Botoneta (Original mix) Gare Mat K edit [Nosi Music]
18. Fjor – Funkazoid (Original mix) [Out Side The Box Music]
19. Anthony Pappa – Outback (Bs As Deep remix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
20. Tom Pooks – Huge (Original Mix) Gare Mat K edit [Anatolian Beats]
21. Adrien M – Promenade Rouge (Original mix) Gare Mat K outro edit [Potobolo Records]

CD 2 mixed by Alex Young

01. Telefon Tel Aviv – Worst Thing In The World (Gaiser’s Possibly The Universe Remix) [BPitch Control]
02. Tom Pooks – Huge (Original Mix) [Anatolian Beats]
03. AM-Concept – Treibjagd (Original Mix) [Progrezo Records]
04. Grunjah – Plus (Original Mix) [Vise Versa Music]
05. Gare Mat K Feat. D’Tolio – Who’s Gonna Drive (Alex Young’s The Techdriver Mix) [Progrezo Records]
06. Reix – Flesh (Original Mix) [Kraft Records]
07. Schubert – Spartan, Not Minimal (Original Mix) [Progrezo Records]
08. Resonate & PHM – Mental Illness (Original Ill-ectronic Mix) [Progrezo Records]
09. Mickey Franco – Botoneta (Original Mix) Alex Young edit [Nosi Music]
10. Bs As Deep – Forsake (Original Mix) [Progrezo Records]
11. KhoMha – Music Box (Original Mix) [Kraft Records]
12. StereoK Feat Royal Sapien – Digital Kills The Vinyl Star (Instrumental Mix) [Carica Deep]
13. Eric Yedim – Bogota (Origial Mix) [Progrezo Records]
14. Frank Bojert – Zerra (Kevin Over Remix) [Fullscale Music]
15. Mild Bang – No Sleep (Original Mix) Alex Young edit [Progrezo Records]

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