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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

P.God – Sedna / Ghouls EP (AR Bonus 027)

P.God - Sedna / Ghouls EP (AR Bonus 027)
P.God (Italy)

This release is based on dark-ambient sound structures of the modern club music. Without any theorizing  you can guess what kind of release is this one on Armatura Records 27th chapter. Cold, claustrophobic, and dynamic…The tracks Sedna and Ghouls abound with repetitive droning, while metal synth passages properly incorporate the composition. Sedna – Dialect remix is a composition which shows the true way of how to shuffle industrial sounding track. At the end, there is Ghouls – Scalameriya devoured remix. With a break-beat layered kick segments and fx plays ,it’s a one quality metal remix for this release.

P.God – Sedna / Ghouls EP – Armatura Bonus 027

Releasedate:  September 27th
Original Artwork / Canvas Ink by Juli Jah


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