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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 11 December, 2018

[PGZ162] DJ Becha – Stop Me

DJ Becha – Stop Me incl. Joe Fisher, Diego Corbijn, Junior Rivera
[PGZ162] DJ Becha - Stop Me

Tunisian rising star Hazem Saklbi as known as Dj BeCha, born in a surrounded country, where architecture and landscape draws a magical and inspiring place for music and arts.

Since very young Hazem grows in a music environment, discovering at age of 15 the electronic music, experiencing the deep house and techno scene, where he just felt in love!

Brand new in the industry but not in the music production, DJ Becha has already signed music to different record labels around the world, including Steve Lawler’s VIVa music as Haze-M.

Progrezo Records 162th installment comes from Africa-Tunisian rising star DJ Becha, featuring his brand new single ‘Stop Me’, along with remixes from Fabio Effe, Diego Corbijn, Junior Rivera and Joe Fisher.

‘Stop Me’ is a powerful track of dynamic tech house beats, hypnotic harmonies, wide percussions and a female voice touch bringing to the track a perfect peak-time dance-floor bomb.

Argentinean Joe Fisher, well known in the family, who has recently remixed Italian duo Presslaboys with great support, delivers a powerful version of dynamic tech house beats, wide percussions and a unstoppable peak-time rhythm, aimed straight to the dance-floor.

Already featured in Progrezo Records, Junior Rivera is back with a stomped minimal version, using some original elements in addition to his own rhythm touch, he brings to the mix a minimal tech mood properly for modern DJ sets.

Fabio Effe, new debutant in Progrezo Records, features a tech percussive version, building his mix around the original voice with percussive elements, bringing a hypnotic remix properly for sunset and open sky places.

Diego Corbijn as known as Bs As Deep, already featured in Progrezo Records with several appearing including a remix of Anthony Pappa’s Outback track, is back with a sophisticated tech beat interpretation, solid in production and crisp in creativity, Diego delivers an overwhelming mix aimed straight to any and every DJ set.

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