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FOEM Blog Thursday, 18 October, 2018

[PGZ176] The Zars – Klimt Eastwood EP


Coming from Italy, The Zars are a dance-electronic duo formed by Alex Tessarolo and pAd. Both artists focuses to play only vinly in their DJ sets adding different sources to performance their own productions with live vocals support.

Their sets move easily from techno-dub to house connected by a deep and dedicated raw touch getting a new level with Detroit House sound. Zars’ music is made of contrasts and oppositions that tend to create rather than destroy: club stuff vs chamber music, techno vs house, black vs white, a Mediterranean pounding heart vs a northern European mind-set the past and the future, that contrast better known as the present.

The Zars have played at several venues in Rome like the ones of Brancaleone, Circolo degli Artisti, Muzak, NYlon, Atelier 35, Locanda Atlantide, Roma Vintage, Nissan Juke Energy Village, and the RGB events with guests like Octave One and Joris Voorn at Brancaleone in winter 2010.

Debutant the Zars delivers on the Progrezo Records 175th installment, their brand new EP Klimt Eastwood, featuring two original tracks of sophisticated Techno beats, infected with Detroit House elements.

‘Klimt Eastwood’ opens the spectrum with hypnotic ride-hats releasing a dynamic tech rhythm along with an infected male voice over solid kick-drum, bringing a progressive environment of trippy acid-techno with strong bass-line and psychedelic synth shades.

Definitely a track that brings together cutting-edge ambience and stomped rhythm with high quality elements from modern techno-beats next to best Detroit spirit, characteristic of the last century.

‘Matteo’ starts with elegance calm, doing a subtle break to prepare its music arsenal for a trippy tech journey. Infected and malicious, it drives through different states adding mad acid-synth lines, sick voices and percussion-rides, surrounded by a vacuum ambience aimed straight to the dance floor.

A memorable track for classy techno DJ sets.

Get your copy on the below link 4-8 weeks prior other world sites:

Thinking-Forward Music

PGZ Team

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