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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 11 December, 2018

[PGZ180] Henry Effe – Dirty EP

Henry Effe was born in South of Italy in Brinidisi (Puglia). At age of 12 he felt something particular about music, becoming it on his passion of life. After having bought his first turntables, he began practicing something that will call all of his attention, Electronic Music.

Being young, he moved to North of Italy with his parents where he met with other electronic music enthusiasts to refine Dj skills and to create his own music style, mixing the old House and Minimal stuff with the recent Tech Sounds. With things much more clear and a horizon to watch, he started playing at private parties and small clubs until an Italian promoter saw his attributes and brings him a proposal to work at one of the big and famous clubs in Italy.

Now the story has began and he found massive support and respect from clubbers and the North of Italy media, becoming popular within the electronic music scene as DJ.

On December 2010 he teamed up with John Trinidad to explore a new music project called Cloudiness, starting to produce Tech House and Techno for several labels around the world.

Henry Effe is debuting on Progrezo Records with 3 original tracks of unstoppable Tech House and Techno beats, packaged in his new Dirty EP.

`Dirty’ as Eps called, deliver an energetic techy house rhythm along with subtle percussions and dirty bass-line weapon, bringing to the dance-floor the necessary kick to stand up the crowd. Infected by wide effects and surreal synths, it is a useful track aimed straight to Dj sets with Tech and Tech House attitude.

‘Flash’ introduces us in a journey of high tech atmospheres accompanied by unstoppable ride of hats and sick bass line, brining tension with mad atmospheres and dry lead synth. The break-time comes with music spank, adding the necessary tools to make a memorable piece of cake in the party.

‘Kemio’ start with suggestive percussion and evolving tech-kick bringing peak-time ambience with solid rhythm. Bass line comes to destroy the mind and moves the crowd at same time. Break comes with huge mystery, revealing the dancers a bomb under the sleeve. So far it is a high quality tech tool aimed straight for top notch DJ sets.

Here we have a solid EP that for sure will call world attention within the modern and big rooms electronic music scene !!

Get your copy on the below link 4-8 weeks prior other world sites:

Thinking-Forward Music

PGZ Team

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