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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

[PGZ189] Mauro Norti – Maktub EP


Ivan Popov known as Mauro Norti, is a young dj and producer from Belarus. Inspired in the cinematic landscapes from Belorussia, he has involved with music since early days, getting main attention to electronic music styles the likes of Techno, Deep Techno, Tech House, Deep House, Minimal and Electronica. His brand new EP ‘Maktub’ is a solid prove of his perception about how to go into surreal dimensions by huge ambiances.

‘Maktub’ as his EP’s named, means a word in Arabic about “was written,” that wants to convey us is “the destiny” who marks the certain connections in our life, our soul and divine plan. ‘Maktub’, an emotional track from the beginning to the end. Here Mauro features the most subtle minimal textures to suggestive new-techno spirit surrounded by cinematic atmospheres, rounded by evolving atmospheres that takes us to hypnotic and astral worlds. Deep bass-lines, sweet harmonies and delicate beats make this opening key a magic window to another world.

‘Waiting For You’ is an outstanding melody-song that could be named as masterpiece due its composition and the music spirit it creates, bringing a notable distinction of the common “electronic music” as such, as a frame to an enchanted place surrounded by suggestive harmonies. Emotional but dynamic, Mauro suits a solid – memorable track to the night.

‘Circus Under Heaven’, as hypnotic and percussive it is, here Mauro show his best groovy side, delivering the necessary rhythm-touch to push up this unforgettable EP. Inviting beats with kind of sensuality with √®legant female vocals, reveals majestic organ by relaxing notes.

A high class EP aimed straight to modern DJ sets by sophisticated rooms the likes of James Holden, Max Cooper, Nathan Fake and Gare Mat K among others.

As Exclusive Pre-release: CLICK HERE

We are what we listen. Thinking-forward music.

PGZ Team

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