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FOEM Blog Sunday, 16 December, 2018

[PGZTR071] Cymbol – Rain [UK]

Sophisticated Micro-House Pearls with Techno Brushes Beats to stand Classy Crowds Up!

Cymbol is a collaboration project between Dan Knight and Anthony Watkins, whose met up undeniable music ideas to produce quality House and Techno electronic music with the occasional melodic influence as their brand new ep Rain proves.

Coming from Swansea, United Kingdom, both producers are debuting within Progrezo Records family featuring two outstanding pearls of sophisticated Micro-house spirit but Detroit techno influenced touch as a huge and solid joint venture that aims forward-thinking dance-floors and big rooms without doubt.

Rain as eps called, is an outstanding piece of track with qualities enough to warm up any kind of classy Minimal, House or Techno DJ set, driving through suspense but mysterious atmospheres built carefully over stomped tech beats, sparkle ride-hats and a series of well crafted rhythm elements to make an astonishing moment on the fly.

On the flip side a more calm but always dynamic piece of track as Diversion is, the British duo proves themselves with as one of the notorious finest electronic music producers coming from Swansea to put an eye on. Less punch on the rhythm kick but quite interesting as composition, Diversion is for sure one of those tools that fit perfectly the night with authenticity enough to make memorable when adding tension to the mix matters.

Check them out!

Cymbol┬┤s Rain EP is available as exclusive pre-release on:
[PGZTR071] Cymbol – Rain [UK]

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