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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

PSYCHEDELIC FREEDOM – by Qubenzis Psy Audio [album psytrance]

Psychedelic Freedom album cover

PSYCHEDELIC FREEDOM – A hip wiggling, brain stretching, psychedelia sonic journey, bringing you through various intriguing soundscapes. A fusion of electronic dance music aimed for soul, mind and body. Perpetually exploring new ideas within the electronic dance music genre popularly called “psytrance” or “psychedelic trance”, Qubenzis Psy Audio offers a powerful musical journey, bringing you through both obscure and illuminated soundscapes. Psychedelic Freedom Ideology equals the by birth inherited right to be in charge of ones own mind. To freely explore your own mind without interference by external intruders of any kind. The right to remain loving, happy and peaceful within.

Track List
01 – 09:03 142bpm – Vimana Journey
02 – 08:34 144bpm – Little Psychedelia
03 – 08:23 143bpm – Magic Harvest
04 – 08:02 145bpm – Suspended Reality
05 – 09:05 146bpm – Got it Already
06 – 08:27 142bpm – Panpsychism
07 – 08:26 142bpm – Human Harvest Remix
08 – 07:49 143bpm – My Alien Planet

Album Data
Name: Psychedelic Freedom
Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
Style: Psychedelic trance , Full On, Melodic, Fusion
Label: LUA Records
Sub-Label: Qubetech Net
Pre Mastering: QPA
Post Mastering: Alienature [LUA]
Duration: 67: 49 Min
Cover Art: (UK)

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PANPSYCHISM [8:27 min - WAV or 192kb MP3]

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