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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Ralp Kings – Exit EP


? Subtle mid-tempo minimal textures dress up sublime techno rhythms as brilliant ace under the sleeve!

Achieving an army of followers all over the world, the Spanish rising minimal and techno producer Ralph Kings proves himself as one of the tomorrows best talents to follow. With a series of outstanding releases to remark his own name within the finest electronic music industry, the talented Spanish producer hit charts as solid bullets to the wall, reaching top50 of best Minimal releases with an ep that bright by its own as Ghost Island is.

Progrezo Records its pleased to present a new high-quality jewel case with three under the sleeve pearls packaged as Exit EP. First on the list, Ralph delivers a new version of his well received Musas track, but on this time he improved a more clean but crisp and punchy minimal sound to stand up heads on the fly! Driven bass-line piece blends best of tech elements in a cinematic but suspense journey as is. Just after take off the plane Exit comes a triumphal entry with moderate techno beat built over sick bass-lines to stretch neurons straight to the sky. Here the talented boy proves himself as prolific master producer with a wide range capability to step into techno field with a minimal synopsis. Last on the list a quite calm piece brings a air breath to prepare us for the next bullet. Your Girlfriend is For Everyone shows Ralph Kings soul as unlimited mind producer when doing music matter is. Groovy bass-lines drives softly through a suggestive rhythm as the magic wizard in a memorable night with class enough.

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