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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

Stonebreaker – Dreaming Aurora plus Remixes

Coming from magical Greek colony Taras or Tarantos, influenced by Dorian settlers as the only Spartan colony who grew up as an important port well placed geographically and strategically surrounded lands with many olive trees and vineyards, rising talent ‘Stonebreaker’ debuts on Progrezo Records with his brand new gemstone ‘Dreaming Aurora’, featuring a high quality pearl by unstoppable cutting-edge emotions in a multicolor journey shot away.

Inspired in the cinematic landscapes of his natal city, Stonebreaker delivers solid rhythm built strong side-chained bass-line over, bringing a moving-forward trippy tool aimed straight to close the eyes at the dance-floor as it goes. S

econd on the navy, ‘Flex(Italy)’ features a dynamic techy-house version using some original pads and synths to realize an elegant interpretation aimed straight for a wide range of Dj styles from deep-house and minimal to tech-house, techno and electronica. Here a grand-piano plays around sweet atmospheres creating a fantastic ambiance between melody and rhythm at the night.

Third in command ‘EndCycle’ brings a powerful interpretation based on his solid techno-bass-line to profit in high qiuality bassy rooms. Inspired by the original synths, he delivers a suitable tool for sophisticated dj sets. Quite deep but very useful, EndCycle brings a thinking-forward pearl at the package.

Last on the list ‘Adams Apple’ delivers a top notch electronica version with all the attributes and spirit based on a dynamic rhythm and surrounded by suggestive atmospheres, he takes us in a trippy journey with best of techno and house elements packed in a shot away for go beyond.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

PGZ Team
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