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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

[MA027] Kowi (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – Nature Machine Ep

[MA027] Kowi (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – Nature Machine Ep


Details: rar|192kbit|mp3
Runtime: 27:43 minutes
Size: 39.3 mb
Release Date: January 28th 2007
Style: Electronic

01 Kowi – Ethnic
02 Kowi – Silverlake
03 Kowi – In Your Face
04 Kowi – You See A Different Turn
05 Kowi – Nature Machine


Don’t stress me – but stay in motion nonetheless. Keep it slow but steady.
That’s probably how it goes in the capital of the country of silver and Nicolas Koweindl’s hometown. And he’s here to show us that Buenos Aires, Argentina, has much more to offer than only Tango, Machos and Evita.
His five-track EP ‘Nature Machine’ again gives a good impression of the quality of electronic music originating from the south-american continent. Starting off with ‘Ethnic’, followed by the impressive ‘Silverlake’, the EP ends with ‘Nature Machine’, the titletrack, emitting waves of calmness and tranquility sure to bring anyone down to earth again.


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