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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

[AE056] HopΛon – Obstetric Methods


Hoplon. Shield of the ancient Greeks pushes back the enemy with a very large surface and with the enormous power of the fighter. This time the shield is the weapon. Greek Hop?on presents his new release at Audioexit Records. Absolutely creative, sophisticated techno, experimental, metal noises, frightening carpets, lasers and flashes. Later gets lighter, but the remix from Balatro strikes between the tired soldiers with a power that ashames a team full of hoplites. Hop?on was born in 1987 in Greece. Since his first adolescent years he has showed interest in electronic music. At the age of 15 he started playing techno in several music events. In 2008 he studied at SAE institute, took electronic music production courses and since then he produces his own tracks in techno-industrial rythms and in deep and dark atmospheres.


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