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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

ALDDAO – ALDDAO [rwclass002]

AlDDao - AlDDao

AlDDao’s adventure begins a year and a half ago. After experiencing versions to people like Joy Division and Velvet Underground, Lucia Aldao and Diego Delgado just developed a very rich sound, inevitably dressed in influences, but with a clear intention of originality. In this creative project have sprouted several issues, 3 of which Rawmatroid is proud to present on a brief but intense EP.

The guitars and the saturated bass of Pobriña open with energy a record full of bitter emotions; the individual loneliness and desperation of the characters in his lyrics contrasted with music that conveys a hope. All together is an incredibly beautiful but bittersweet mix that invites us to reflect on ourselves and on the stories of people around you. Lucia’s feature voice fits comfortably in Diego’s piano and guitars chords; added to an atmosphere that remembers to their live performances, makes everything sound close and emotional. In this gloomy landscape so familiar, Pobriña, Crazy Love Show and Candyman result in a incredibly evocative sound and full of personality.


  1. Pobriña
  2. Crazy Love Show
  3. Candyman

Download EP (320 cbr mp3)

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