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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

[AUDCST028] Zanex Dissociation – Digital Void

Zanex Dissociation - Digital Void

Zanex Dissociation brings us his first release in over 6 months which features 6 tracks of Acid Breakbeat madness.

Special thanks to eXponent for his winning remix of Return To The Sun, as a thank you to him we have included his remix on this release.

‘Music Wants To Be Free’ – Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Zanex Dissociation MySpace –

Track list:
1. The Rhythm (2:45)
2. Check This Out (4:00)
3. In A Dream (2:57)
4. Return To The Moon (2:42)
5. Tree Niner (3:22)
6. Return To The Sun {eXponent Midnight Sun Mix} (8:08)

Mininova Torrent


Original Release Page:….-digital-void/

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