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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

auflegware 008 – Mirko Aurich # Milchpause EP

Auflegware presents # Auflegware 008

Mirko Aurich # Milchpause EP

The new EP „Milchpause“  by Mirko Aurich from Schwerin. He gives us the debut, presenting by

You take the grooving kick and bass part construction, in addition to a fair portion “deepness” and you can hear it: “Milchpause” got ready. Especially the grooving second track it´s one of our favorites, but you can also join to the next three tracks in a journey of the past, present and future of some tech-house. OK, gets a glass of milk, leans back and enjoy the electronic musical art.

01 | Bugrace [8:51]

02 | Milchpause [5:42]
03 | einspunktnull [6:49]
04 | drauf und dran [5:04]

Releasedate : 23.08.2007

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release info >>
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