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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

(beatsfactory-bf060) Architextur – Subconcious and Schematic EP

bf055-Architextur-Subconcious and Schematic EP 

beatsfactory bf060 – Architextur – Subconcious and Schematic EP

Architextur showcasing his IDM/Ambient work in this 7 tracks release-
Full of wonderfull melodies, execellent beatwork and floaty atmospheres.


01 – Shapes of Things
02 – Oxon
03 – Floatation Device
04 – Periscope
05 – Wall of Textur
06 – Aqua Drones
07 – Last Passage

All music (c)2007 Architextur –

Listen to the complete EP here:

Free download (incl. Oxon, Periscope and Aque Drones) available here:

(you need to register/log-in to download – it’s free, and only takes a few seconds)

Visit for more (over 40 free EP’s available!) – we produce the beats

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