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FOEM Blog Friday, 19 October, 2018

[BP009] Da-D-Da – A Toy

Artist: Da-D-Da
Title: A Toy
Country: China
Cat#: BP009
Date of release: 20 Nov, 2008
Styles:Glitch, IDM, Experimental
Format: File, MP3, 160 kbps

“Da-D-Da, born in Chongqing China in 1980.Graduated from Oil Painting Department, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 2004.Now live in Beijing.”

“A Toy, this is Da-D-Da’s first album. About this album, it’s idear from a story which title is A Toy. In the story, there is a toy that every body love it, it makes people feel warm and cool, happy and satisfy, mazing and wonderful. Everyone start to forget other things, and get fat day by day cause of playing the toy.”

01 – A Toy (8:48)
02 – A Toy No.2 (6:02)
03 – A Toy No.3 (6:38)
04 – A Toy No.4 (5:44)
05 – We Are The Bugs (7:51)
06 – D-Dada (6:12)

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