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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

[BP053] Pharmakustik – Implantrobotik


Release notes:

IMPLANTROBOTIK announces the newest perspectives of Pharmakustik implant-navigation by the use of robotic audiosystems, stereotactic technology and automation equipment. Pre-drilling rhythmic forces and fracture mechanics are combined with granulomateous voice-dissections within the field of uncompromising telemanipulation.

The current techniques of the Pharmakustik sound-research are characterized by intermodulating, morphing particles and their mutual interaction in the stereophonic panorama. Automated inspection of otoneurosurgical, motorcortical fragments for the atraumatic listener. Pharmaconstructive audiofluxus 2010.

Track listing:
1. Abutment
2. Multislice
3. Palpat
4. Implantrobotik
5. Fract N

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Release pages:
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