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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

ca292 – Minimal States – City of Buffalo


Artist: Minimal States
Title: City of Buffalo
Date: 2009-07-29
Keywords: electronica
01 – Cancellation – 5:13 (320 kbps)
02 – Lake Effect – 2:52 (320 kbps)
03 – Alternatives – 9:01 (320 kbps)
04 – Skyflash – 2:14 (320 kbps)
05 – Escape – 5:53 (320 kbps)

‘City of Buffalo’ is the debut album by Minimal States, an electronic music project by Thomas Carter. The music is made of multiple layers of repetitive rhythmic and melodic material, producing a meditative, hypnotic feeling of timelessness and calm. The album is inspired by travel, and its title comes from a place in New York State called Buffalo, whose name is said to have its origin in the French phrase beau fleuve: “beautiful river”.

Minimal States on Myspace:
Thomas Carter:


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