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FOEM Blog Friday, 16 November, 2018

Concrete Djz – Dead End EP – Mocha 001

Mocha 001

Artist: Concrete Djz
Title: Dead End Ep
Label: Mocha 001
Format: Digital
Genre: Techno

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Info Sheet:

Mocha Records is Concrete Djz’s point of view and approach when it’s about minimal and more melodical techno. With a huge experience in Dj-ing and production in studio, these guys deliver 4 new tracks that for sure will refresh minimal techno scene. Basically it’s an outstanding techno packed with splendid melodies and many details. This release has a big support from scene artists like Kobaya, Marko Nastic, Subotic, Shirfy etc.. You can always expect some fresh and easy listening techno sounds on Serbia’s Mocha…

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Track Descriptions:

Gang Related:

Eeary sounding dark minimal drive with very nice twysts ! Sinister atmosperycs…Boys showing their dark side!


It really puts you in to another…Starting with superb melodic,Loco styled sinth line,beautiful lush chords
come to play and everything togheter creats
outstanding sonic expirience! Seriousley deep… Summer nights are made of this !!!


Brill melodic neo-trance influenced techno.After nicely driven start with solid rhytmic and electrified bassline some Napolitana-like chord action kicks in…Fresh sounding indeed !


Name of the game:minimal-techno ! Detroit influenced melodys meets swedish rhytmics,overhall sounding presented in colour:GREY! And offcourse, again
everything packed in hybrid production !

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