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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

DEN PLEASURE “You can fuck me EP” (TKBNET 17)

DEN PLEASURE “You can fuck me EP” (TKBNET 17)

Release Date: 29.07.2009

Style: Minimal, Tech House

Labelside: Tonkultur Berlin Netlabel




Format: 320kb MP.3 Free Download (Archive. Org)

Tracks single download

01. You can fuck me – featuring Sanya Starr

02. Traffic

03. Check Tape

This work is licensed under Creative Commons-Lizenz


Den Pleasure (Maxim Buldakov)

Buldakov Maxim (artist FORZA Recordings) Stylistics: Micro House, Deep House, Minimal House, Tech House, Minimal Techno. PR Director “DEP RECORDS” (http://www. The resident of the project “Mi?ro Rhythms”, specialising on a minimal sound, and its advancement in weights. It is a series of weekly parties, actions which are directed on development minimal cultures to Russia. «You love distinct sounds tech? You are deep in deep house? You understand that minimal it something more than simply music? We will try to inform to you, all beauty of sounding micro rhythms” (c) Micro Rhythms. The resident “MOONMUSICRADIO” (http://www. Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of month, 20.00 – 22.00 within the limits of radio show [Land Of Sound] by Den Pleasure, only on Moon Music Radiostation for you divine sounds Minimal, with a combination and modulations not less delightful deep / tech soundings sound really. That world which he has created and creates, perfects for improvement, bewitches and urges on not only it, but also us, those who faces this world … For the short existence on the big scene, has managed to prove as one of young talented and perspective DJs for today. Its mixes it not simply selection of favourite and actual tracks for today, is the whole scale of various colours, mood shades from what the listener has feeling from impetuous grief to a progressive drive. Unique, partly with a philosophical sight the selection of tracks forces to plunge into the most remote corners as a result to feel all spectrum of a dance music. As the musician and di, he knows what wishes to inform to a wide audience. Now completely accented the activity on a writing of own qualitative sound. Perspective and safe tours across Russia, neighbouring countries, are not small achievement in sphere of his activity. The person in whom the courageous thinking is inherent, not wishing to recognize various social aspects which at times bear uncertainty and factors deforming an everyday life. Its emotionality develops only with the assistance of a large quantity of public, paternal the power reads off scale. In it the uncontrollable aspiration to be the focus of attention, shine, submit is shown and even to plunge into a panic. Den – the bright individualist. Accurately generated scenic image of the actor, bright, expressive – one of important aspects in its success. Does not recognise public morals, does not wish to follow the rules established in social group. Its emotional world can have harmonious development only under condition of a good environment, and it at it is by definition. (c) Roms / Moscow 2009.

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