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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

[FbL003] Adam Williams & Leonardo Rosado – Take this longing

The Art of Listening.

Communication is not only the art of talking. It also defines the art of listening. When it comes to music, a perfect arrangement is always like a perfect communication. Between the artist and his music. Between the bass and the drums. Between the head and the heart. And between the music and its listener.

Adam Williams and Leonardo Rosado aka Subterminal decided to communicate. And they chose the most conclusive language existing in this universe: They started a dialogue via their music using the tongue of the piano and electronics. And it turns out they’re great communicators, as they both know the art of listening.

Attracted to subtle and minimal arrangements, they develop the most interesting musical dialogue on their joint ep “Take This Longing”. While Williams usually holds the talk with cautious notes and chords, Rosado illustrates these fine contours with his discrete electronic sounds and field recordings. Both respond to one another, closely observing every musical move to be ready for the next answers and the right questions.

“Take This Longing” invites you to spy this dialogue. And you consequently take part in it – as listening is part of the art of communicating. Thomas L. Raukamp

[FbL003] Adam Williams & Leonardo Rosado – Take this longing


mastered by madSavVy Productions
photo by Hannah Richards
cover design by Leonardo Rosado

(cc) by nc nd 2010

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