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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

Gorrión de Miga Records – News!

Dear friends and people of Gorrión de Miga, we have excellent news for you this time because three new artists have shared their music with us. We must say that its our pleasure to release their material. In first place, we would like to introduce you to the sound of Armenia, a legendary project created by the ecuatorian Leonardo Sabbato. In Cualquier Cosa, Sabatto unleashes a powerful sonic arsenal forged from the most violent harsh noise. Guided by the concept of the lack of representation and of visual “image” in music, Sabatto proposes an escape from certain musical and artistical clichès, exploring the nullity of the artist as a pseudo intellectual entity. An excellent piece of experimentation and sonic violence. On the other hand, Alan Suez, guide us into his firs work, Alteraciones, wich is born out of a group of home made recordings captured between 2006 and 2009. The compositions nurturing Alteraciones are caracterized by ambiental, instrumental and psychedelic intentions, and they are shaped as an intresting and delicate multitextural work supported by the guitar as its main instrument. All in all this firt album by Alan Suez represents an extraordinary piece of musical handicraft. Last but not least, we proudly present the first work by Gemma Byron, Sin ceremonias, where you will find an intresting and intense mix of electronic music and doom, with some insinuations to gothic music. Sin Ceremonias it´s just a sample of the promising future of this project, and its definitelly an emotive and strong work. Don´t miss it. We hope you can enjoy these releases as much as we do. All the albums are available now in the Download section of our web site or via the following links:

Armenia – Cualquier Cosa

Alan Suez – Alteraciones

Gemma Byron – Sin Ceremonias

Thank you very much and hugs for all!

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