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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

Guy David “Sound Experiment #1″


A while back, I spoke to Guy David about doing a guest release here on the label, and he told he was working on something he thought very much would fit When I recieved “Sound Experiment #1″, I was definitely surprised, the sound was very different from what I had heard of Guy’s work. Bolder, noisier, more improvisational, more at home with the power electronic sounds I have been enjoying lately. It seemed a natural fit with the wilder, more untamed sounds that have been characterizing recent releases.Enjoy this longform exploration into the mutations of computer generated sounds with our good friend Guy. Let’s hope he has more sound experiments to come for us.

Listening recommendations for this release: Have a PC game or old-school text adventure at hand to play while listening.

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