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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

insectorama#014 – mosh – armoniko ep

armoniko ep

The musical proposal of Mösh was born in 2004 starting with the band”Hermitaños del ritmo”
in where it participated playing the bass. After years it fell under the influence of the electronic music.
Now he is experimenting in the creation of minimalist rhythm and sounds, influenced by music genres
like minimal tech and microhouse.

insectorama presents the first ep from mosh [chile].
3 perfect minimal tracks from mosh and 2 remixes from pablo cantuarias and anamlor smith from chile.
thats a very deep ep in a exellent style from beats and soundsculptures not from this world.
thats chile and we love this sound.

pablo cantuarias
anamlor smith

mosh – armoniko
mosh – herbstgesprach
mosh – anarko chuletero
mosh – unimodal [pablo cantuarias remix]
mosh – herbstgesprach [anamlor smith remix]

download complete zip file here

insectorama at myspace

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