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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

Jon 7 “Light Areas” [JON7NET027]


This release brings together several different themes that were composed during various points in late 2006 and early 2007 that were intended for a particular album project of mine that would have blended actual songs (with lyrics and vocals, not quite standard for the music released on this label) with instrumental and experimental sound pieces. Each one of these pieces is in a different style, some using fractal composition methods, some using different deconstruction methods, and others composed with actual instruments such as classical guitar, wineglass bells, and a cheesy pink chinese keyboard found in the garbage one day.

Though differing in approach and execution, the common thread between all of these tracks is a feeling of light, or in a more exact sense “lighting”. Each track is in a way, a stage set, a background in which characters and actions are suggested rather than explicitly featured. Listening with this mindset, a range of “lighting” can be noticed in each track, from the alienating dim streetlights of “Rainstorm”, the warm and gentle sadness of “Dessido”, the bright and synthetic light of “Island” and “Sweet Birds”. “Sunset” and “Whose Name” are created from multi-tracked acoustic guitar lines and represent morning and evening light respectively.

The cover art it self also reflects the idea of light, as being shone from different directions, the source of which not being revealed, only it’s pathway showing.

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