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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

Jon 7 “Resourcery” [JON7NET026]


Like a derivation of a derivation on a proof comes this collection of mixes and remixes of tracks from our previous release, “Sourcery”. In the midnight kitchens of HQ, the component sauces of “Sourcery” were combined and modified to create new recipes. Some natural new ones appeared, such as “Steak Marinade” and “Honey Mustard”. But as the night wore on, the recipes became stranger, resulting in such edible goodies as “Hot Fish Syrup” and “Tartar Dessert Gravy”. However as recipes for the ears, these tracks create a range of moods, some quiet and sinister, some lulling only to suddenly shock awake, others smooth and transcendent. Headphones are highly recommended for the enjoyment of this release!

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