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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

(MA039) Delayscape – Coastal Radio Ep


Details: rar|192kbit|mp3
Runtime: 22:51 minutes
Size: 34.7 mb
Release Date: December 28th 2007
Style: Electro, Synth Pop, Acid

01 Delayscape – Morse Disco
02 Delayscape – Not Answered
03 Delayscape – Pre-Code
04 Delayscape – Fiftyzero
05 Delayscape – Final Night At The Radio

Its time for Delayscape’s second EP on musicartistry! From the 4/4 melodic electro of opener “Morse Disco” to the melancholy bleep fest of “Final Night at the Radio”, the new EP betrays Delayscape’s love for analogue electro, synth pop and acid. Among the inspirations for this one are steady doses of Legowelt, 303s and all-time hero Solvent, as always filtered through Delayscape’s ear for melody and space. Like he says: music for dancing at home.


• Musicartistry Recordings :: Electronic Diversity

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