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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

(MA045) Psylocibe – Acusphere Ep


Details: rar|320kbit|mp3
Runtime: 31:15 minutes
Size: 65.9 mb
Release Date: May 31st 2008
Style: Downtempo, Electronic

01 Beimles
02 Moi Et Toi
03 Brathes
04 Psylo
05 Moone
06 Return
05 Traintrip

Psylocibe, Italy’s prime Drum ‘n’ Bass – import, are back with a bang. This time it’s not DnB though: Their second EP on Musicartistry ranges from Downtempo to classic 4/4 – tracks, impressively demonstrating their artistic flexibility. Listen to “Psylo” for example – a track that will take you away into acoustical spheres from which you won’t be able to return, even if you wanted to.


• Musicartistry Recordings :: Electronic Diversity

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