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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

MALA & Dijon Triathlon – Basic poires (SERN 24)


Basic poires

A couple of fruits, a couple of songs and some air in between is the result of the colision of two comrads and a couple of ideas, all separated among each other by some machines. This exercise of MALA and Dijon Triathlon seems to consolidate once and for all the mulatto-skin machinery flavor of one and the dance floor voyeur attitude of the other. Five little gems of south american groove more original and indelible every day.

01.. MALA – Basic 1
02.. MALA – Basic 2
03.. MALA & Dijon triathlon – Entremedio

04.. Dijon triathlon – Des poires
05.. Dijon triathlon – Unes poires

download zip file

Recorded in MedellĂ­n-Colombia 2007

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