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FOEM Blog Sunday, 21 October, 2018

[mfm10] Sister Overdrive – Retroversion

Selected Recordings 2001-2004

The first light of the day seen through a dirty old shaft in Kypseli. A morning breeze carrying the smell of humans during a bus ride from Kaniggos square to Patisia. The roar of a thousand motors heard from an office on the 12th floor, while the buildings in the city center, painted orange by the pollution-screened light of the evening sun, seem to be abandoned for decades. A glimpse of the sunset right before a big iron door closes behind you, as you descend into a gray basement in Ampelokipi.

Sister Overdrive is a neo-romanticist in Athens city. Each piece of Retroversion consists of minimalist melodies layered on top of each other, like dreams for the future, formed gradually from hopes and ambitions, and syncopated, rasping rhythms, which remind me of how the dreams of people are crushed by other people in a colorless urban background. And how they are made again.

1. Ballooned
2. Sub (Trial)
3. (One Happy Monkey)
4. Hoover (Op)
5. Oolong
6. Verso (Begin)
7. Pakou
8. Purple
9. Cloud (Words and Names)

Download all tracks & artwork here

the noise between the notes

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