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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

[MIXG014] Alien S – Eleven

Alien S – Eleven

With this album we continue our release line dedicated to soundtracks for non-existing movies started by Restin in MIXG008. ‘Eleven’ is the first album written by Alien S, the author from Tumen, Russia who used to open or close Mixgalaxy Records compilations with his outstanding productions. And the very first track on our very first compilation is the track which opens this album as well. If you want to know how it sounds like, we can tell you it has something from Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Swordfish’ soundtrack and maybe it could be influenced by Juno Reactor works. So take a sit, turn your audioplayer on, close your eyes and try to create a blockbuster ‘Eleven’ in your head.

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