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FOEM Blog Thursday, 17 January, 2019

[Netaudio] VA – Globalization (DoBox, MA, DKA, Elecrep, RAR, Seed)

Various Artists (Germany, USA) – Globalization


Details: rar|192kbit|mp3
Runtime: 69:42 minutes
Size: 94.5 mb
Release Date: January 28th 2007
Style: Techno, Electronic

DigitalKunstrasen (dka020)
Electroreptil (elecrep007)
Musicartistry Recordings (ma026)
DoBox Recordings (dbdf026)
Random Access Recordings (rar008)
Seedsound (seed021)

01 Brett Knacksen – Polyknacks Vol. 1 (ma)
02 Brett Knacksen – Polyknacks Vol. 2 (ma)
03 Amoebafunk – Topological Ointment (seed)
04 Amoebafunk – Ebb (seed)
05 Pantherklub – Rapture (elecrep)
06 Pantherklub – Places In My Mind (elecrep)
07 BeCKmann – Chill To Grill (dka)
08 BeCKmann – Outlaw (dka)
09 Qorser – Harmonic Scrape (db)
10 Qorser – Peripherals (db)
11 Ben Crea – No Time For Trouble (rar)
12 Ben Crea – Falling Down (rar)

Release Page (Musicartistry)

Globalization, netlabel-style: Six netlabels from all over the world (well, Germany and USA, that is) join forces to bring you this internationally-flavoured techno-compilation:
Three German netlabels, namely ‘Digital Kunstrasen’, ‘Electroreptil’ and ‘Musicartistry’, three American labels, ‘DoBox Recordings’ and ‘Random Access Recordings’, as well as ‘Seedsound’ from Colorado are the contributors to this impressive release. Every label will be represented by one artist who adds two of his tracks.

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