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FOEM Blog Thursday, 18 October, 2018

[Noisybeat045] Cixxx J – Acknowledge ep


[Noisybeat 045] Cixxx j – Acknowledge ep

Noisybeat netlabel is showcasing Cixxx J with this surprise release, three big tunes which have been kept unreleased for too long. Noisybeat has taken them at last to bring them to you, for free, as usual. “Outlook“ is the opener, pure electric funky, as swingey and dirty it can get. Tune was made by Cixxx J the night before he left for that festival in Pula to play his set in 2011, and for sure you can feel those warm festival vibes by listening to it. After many free download links yet countless expired, not working and dodgy ones, the tune is finally and officially made available to the public. Backpassband is technological funk, elevated to the stratosphere, a tune which will make you dance and float you to the clouds like a balloon. With a lot of radio plays on stations like SubFM and gathering early support coming from a broad range of DJs like Cal Cutta, BunZer0, Alis/Subeena, SimonOff, EshOne, Valta/Kievbass, Bombaman, Dubray/Mousai Radio and many others, BackPassBand is definitely an all-time and all-styles winner! Cixxx J says goodbye with “bandLOW“ then, the ruffest and darkest one in the collection. The tune features a sub bass which can tear your speakers up dominating the whole, and sleazy and dirty sounds to make it even more intense. For all of you music lovers, djs and producers in the constant struggle to find new fresh current uncompromising yet good tunes, this is what you`re looking for. So go get it because its free!

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