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FOEM Blog Sunday, 21 October, 2018

NS001 – VA – Hey You, Choose Your Own Adventure

No-Source Netlabel – [NS001] – VA – Hey You, Choose You’re Own Adventure
VA - Hey You, Choose Your Own Adventure

Folktronic, mellow, electronic, acoustic music. Starting your first netlabel isn’t all sunshine and waffles, but it sure feels good. Two months of work went into curating this initial compilation. Why start with a compilation? Well, it’s the setting of a play. It’s the initial spectrum of audio that you can look forward to hearing from this netlabel. Some of these artists are good friends, some new friends, and others are some of our favorite netlabel musicians. Selbyville, Oculoss, Full-Source, Will Bangs, and Background Radiation contribute to the folktronic part of this release with beautiful acoustic guitar-driven compositions. Multi-Panel and TEKC contribute music that isn’t quite IDM, isn’t quite shoegaze, but is completely stunning throughout. Eleven Steps brings us a subtle piece of acoustic ambiance. The brilliant field recordings just draw you in. Finally, Young and Old, øjeRum and Mansfield share three variants of acoustic folk stylings. Young and Old draws on lo-fi bedroom recording, Mansfield layers political samples, and øjeRum dreams in reverb. Enjoy No-Source’s first adventure.

01) Selbyville – Quiet The Uproar
02) Multi-Panel – Town
03) Young and Old – Pry My Fingers
04) Oculoss – Hollow Hour Hand
05) Full-Source – Cold Wind (feat. Caleb Moon)
06) øjeRum – il y a
07) Will Bangs – Dresden Mills
08) Eleven Steps – Sand Worn Shade
09) Background Radiation – Discovery Basin
10) Mansfield – All The Nausea That’s Fit To Print
11) Tekc – Fresh Air

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