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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

[NS020] dmyra – The Key

dmyra - The Key

dmyra is Robert Demes II of Costa Rica. He has been known in the net label scene for some time with his unique blend of genre defying alternative music. He’s released on such netlabels as 4-4-2 Music, Clinical Archives, Bump Foot, and INQB8R. We’re very happy to welcome dmyra to No-Source with his chilled out new release, The Key – Five new songs of downtempo non denominational indie blues bliss. Some of his best work to date.

“The dmyra has come unusually close to actual genres on this release. The lyrics and the songwriting are central here as in folk and gospel musics, as dmyra sings praises to the benevolent force that moves all of creation. From the impersonal to the transpersonal and beyond. Where in the past he may have been more ambiguous, and usually ephemeral, with this release comes a time to leave absolutely no doubt as to what are the things he’d like to say. As always it’s a process of personal development and growth, and a way to enjoy these things “a la vez”. If some others get to appreciate this, then the feeling is multiplied, happiness is disencadenada. Songs about and for the one song, the Uni-verse” ~ dmyra

01) What was Circular
02) Rings of Mail
03) Petition to the Ways
04) Not without the Girl
05) Sun Moon Stars

Cover: “take a pinch of keyhole” by Andrea Joseph


No-Source Netlabel

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