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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

[NS023] Christian McKee – Back To The Rock

Christian McKee - Back To The Rock

Christian McKee – Back To The Rock
Genre: Indietronic Pop / Folk

Back To The Rock from Christian McKee encompasses ten songs recorded over the past five years. Cataloging his solo career, this album represents some of McKee’s best moments to date. Musical exploration,  refinement, and thought-provoking lyrics are key elements of McKee’s work. Christian’s songs sound oddly familiar upon first listen, with a hybrid of musical styles merging together on each track. Back To The Rock conjures the likes of Bob Dylan, Passion Pit, and David Gray, with Christian confessing to being a big Dylan fan. The track list of this album is chronological. The first half of the album includes newer, more electronic-focused songs that incorporate modern pop elements, while the second half is more acoustic and folk-influenced. It’s time to explore indietronic pop with Christian McKee.

01) Orange Face
02) I’ll Find You There
03) Better This Way
04) Like I Needed You To
05) Hear You Out
06) Disappear and Don’t Return
07) You Oughta Know
08) Noses Of The Philestines
09) Writing To You Now
10) Little White Lies


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