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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 11 December, 2018

[NS068] [ca519] Ancient Lasers – You In The Future

Ancient Lasers

[NS068] [ca519] Ancient Lasers – You In The Future
No-Source Netlabel

Genre: Electro-Pop, Indie

Release Page

Ancient Lasers is mainly comprised of Daniel Finfer (Post Human Era). Ancient Lasers is music for fans of Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Aphex Twin, M83, The Faint, and Bright Eyes. Vocally, it shifts between a muscular Ben Gibbard and grunts worth of Trent Reznor’s macho swagger. From these juxtaposed elements, Ancient Lasers frontman, Daniel Finfer, finds a cohesive lyrical blend of futurist/transhuman/post human paranoia and optimism.

If you’re at all familiar with Daniel’s project ‘Post Human Era’ then you’ll recognize updated versions of “Ancestors” “When Are We?” and “Decendants” from the 2007 release on Testtube. If you’d like to own a flac or wav version of this album, it is available to purchase as pay-what-you-want from the Ancient Lasers Bandcamp page. All Bandcamp proceeds will go to organizations that are striving to help humanity live longer, develop artificial intelligence, cure diseases, and ensure our survival as a species.

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