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FOEM Blog Tuesday, 11 December, 2018

[NYB039] Remote Guest List – Some health stories of note EP

Remote Guest List – Some health stories of note EP
(Noisybeat 039) Dubstep – FutureGarage – Electronica

Listen and download here

‘Some Health Stories Of Note’ is the new EP by Remote Guest List which reflect his own modern take on heavily dub influenced music. Empty Love with its off beat heavy bass which become one with the groove to give it a strong backbone for eerie vocals to fly on top of it. A quasi “hip hop“ beat and a deep sub bass are the basic structure for They Don`t Know where vocal samples keeps the atmosphere ethereal. How Does It Come All Together starts with a dreamy synth atmosphere that soon take you somewhere more hypnotic with a heavy sub bass and kick and a four to the floor groove. Closing this new EP is Please where long dub delayes and piano chords pay a visionary homage to dub music most dreamy atmospheres. Album Cover: MStar Design.


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