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FOEM Blog Friday, 14 December, 2018

[OBC-NET016] O.S.R “20 Years”


I encountered music and its technical stuff very early in life, because of being my father a radio doctor.

Since I was 10 years old I was a permanent guest at my brothers disco events. He owned a huge collection of tapes and recorded -in the former GDR illegally- “Bayern 3? with the antenna in a westward direction.

By these prerequisites and the ability to visit and watch DJ Didi I got fully fascinated. In the beginning I started producing with “Tracker” and an Amiga, later I switched to different systems. Someday Didi introduced me to some party people and I started visiting “Alter Bahnhof Halsbruecke”. At this time I got interested in DJ-ing, so my first turntables and records were bought. Till then I haunted the record store to get new hot stuff every saturday.

Now and then I tried to produce some selfmade creations. Especially assimilating radical experiences turned – and are still turning – me very creative.

To me music is an outlet for my feelings and the chance, to give them an artistic expression.

Artist: O.S.R
Title: “20 Years”
Genre: Techno
Catalog ID: OBC-NET016
Format: MP3, 320kbps, Album
Released: 30.03.2014
Artwork: Ta-Lar
License: by-nc-sa

Release Page

01 Aliens spielen Piano
02 Apollo
03 Black Sheep
04 First Love
05 Forward Not Back
06 French Kiss
07 Ich liebe Dich
08 I Hope
09 In The Night
10 Macht der Nacht
11 Nachts am Kühlschrank
12 Nebelbank
12a Porzellan
14 Roll In
15 Schlaf in Ruh
16 The Dreamer
17 Tote Liebe feat. Cornelia
18 Vom Boot zum Haus
19 We Love
20 Wellenbad
21 Wir Arbeiten Basic
22 Zeit Vergeht
23 Zweisam (Wir Gehen Durch Den Wald) (Bonus Track)

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